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Prepare yourselves for a scorcher! Slim twinky lad Robbie is pushed to his limits as he takes on the beercan thick TEN INCH cock of mixed race rugby lad Drew Brody. Inasnely hot jaw stretching oral and intense hole stretching fuck action, climaxing with messy cum facial.. Unmissable!The lads start off standing, in their sportskit. If Robbie seems a little nervous to start with, thats because he is.. He loves huge cocks, but has never had a cock as huge as this before, and while he was really excited to be doing it, he was also nervous as to whether he would really be able to take it.. But dont worry, he took it GREAT.. more of that later.. They kiss and grope each other, Drew is forceful, and after getting a feel of Robbies cock and balls in his shiny shorts, he lifts his vest to reveal his slim defined body, and gives his nipples a good licking. They kiss some more, take off their tops, and Robbie sucks Drews nipples a bit and gets a feel of the massive schlong swelling in Drews tight red shorts.. at one point the end of his dick is poking out the bottom of the shorts.. this dick is way too big for these shorts, and not wearing any underwear gives us a horny preview of whats to come.. They reach inside to take each others cocks out of their shorts. Robbie is still soft, but Drew is almost rock solid now, and its so thick that when Robbie grips it, his fingers dont meet, and not even close. They jerk each other off a bit, then Robbie cant hold back any longer and gets down onto his knees for some serious monstercock worship.. By this point Drews dick is rock solid and throbbing, a full ten inches and insanely thick.. Robbie grips it at the base, his fingers dont even get close to reaching all around the massive girth, and opens his mouth wide, taking in as much as he can, and manages about a third. He starts slowly sucking on the end, going as deep as he can.. Drew clearly loves getting sucked and lets Robbie go to work on him, then grips his head to fuck his mouth a bit, then pulls him deeper down onto his cock, making him gag a little.. We have some REALLY hot shots from underneath Drews balls looking up as Robbie, with his jaw stretched wide apart, gets his mouth forced down that meaty shaft. They move to the sofa, and Drew leans back and hold his cock up at the base for Robbie, who kneels on all fours between Drews legs, and he starts licking the big bulging cock head, then gets back to more sucking, working on Drews cock with his hand, jerking him off as he sucks him.. More very horny shots from Drews point of view, looking down his chest to his cock as his monstercock gets sucked and worshipped..Needing to get his hole warmed up for this, Robbie is laying on his back on the sofa now, with his legs apart, and Drew kneels by his arse and starts working on it.. Drew licks Robbies smooth hairless pink hole, getting it good and wet, then starts probing it with his finger..he eases his finger in gently, pushing it deep inside making Robbie moan.. he fingers him a bit, then pulls his finger out, pulling Robbies cheeks apart to show his wet hole to the camera..Eager to get his monstermeat inside that tight twink hole, Drew lays on the floor on his side, with Robbie on his side in front, spoons type position. Robbie holds his leg up, and Drew eases the tip in.. Robbie gasps a little but takes it, and Drew pushes it a bit deeper till its about halfway.. he slowly edges it in and out a little, letting Robbies hole get used to the mighty girth, then starts fucking deeper, and builds up the speed.. This is SO horny and we get loads of graphic close up penetration shots..Next, Robbie is leaning against the sofa with Drew standing behind him.. He eases his dick in again, and gets back to some awesome fuck action, not too slow, showing plenty of length.. he starts to fuck deeper and a bit harder, but this seems a bit much for Robbie sometimes, and Drew holds back again.. They keep it up a good while till Robbie needs a break..Not quite done yet, they go for a third position, this time Robbie laying on his back, legs apart with Drew kneeling. He inserts his meat which is throbbing and looking thicker than ever.. luckily Robbies arse is warmed up, but even so, its clearly intense watching it go back in.. Drew fucks with long strokes showing us plenty of girth, keeping the fucking steady, varying it a bit, keeping it as intense as Robbie can handle, keeping him on the edge.. Drew pulls out now, whips off the condom and moves round to kneel over Robbie.. with both lads aching to cum, but they want to savour the moment, so Drew sticks his meat back into Robbies mouth, and he sucks on it one last time as he jerks himself off... moments later the cum literally explodes from his dick, Im not kidding, jet after jet of jizz squirts right the way up his body spraying his neck and chest, and all shown in hot slow motion..The sight of this pushes Drew over the edge, and thick white spunk starts streaming from his meat, all over Robbies lips and chin.. Drew cums plenty too, as he he squeezes out the last few drops, Robbie opens his mouth and cleans up the still throbbing spunk covered monstercock.

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